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Chance Trahan at Nugget Falls





Cannabis will be harnessed for its medicinal powers across thew whole nation. People in Law Enforcement, Nursing, Federal Employees and Athletes deserve to be able to tap into the healing powers of cannabis. The time to embrace CBD & THC is here. Alcoholism & driving are dangerous, and too many people are ruining their lives over the two, or even losing their lives. You do not have the same outcome from consuming cannabis. We've all been in agreement for a long time about how safe and healing cannabis is. Hemp is a mainstay and every County and Parish should embrace it for its profit and for the benefits it has for things like PTSD (SHELL SHOCK) & Epilepsy. We've matured as a nation and things have changed. Cannabis is being accepted in many states, so the time is now to fully legalize marijuana.


Indigenous people of our country have to visit a third party in order to to collect their assets and money. These third parties control every dime, every acre, every stock– everything that belongs to our country's Indigenous people. We cannot stand for this any longer. As a nation, we absolutely need to issue the Indigenous their funds and assets given to them by the American Government, instead of via any type of third-party companies. Furthermore, the Indigenous deserve recognition for founding this land and for preserving nature before us. All we've done is destroy what they have preserved and we could stand to learn even the basics like agriculture from our nation's tribes, which would help to promote a self–sustaining way of life among our society. This issue to me is the most important and should be within the top three issues of everybody's list, but unfortunately it is not. I actually hail from the Atakapa–Ishak tribe that was once slaughtered and had to go into hiding. We come from the South and are spread all over the country. Because of me, they have now become nationally registered, Indigenous languages are being taught in schools, and this is just the start of a beautiful movement that is much needed. Supporting me for President is supporting restoring the Indigenous Culture and Tribal Respect to our land that we all are taking for granted.


Veteran homelessness is a troubling situation that the US Department of Veterans Affairs should already have figured out, but they do not. Suicide among Veterans is reportedly 50% higher than the rate of suicide initiated by people who did not serve. These facts are disturbing, yet this is a handful of issues that are being swept under the rug. Many Veterans are being caught up in the system, do not know how to file correctly in order to get their benefits, and most of them come back to our country just to be spit on and shamed by civilians. We must restore integrity in our country's military, we should respect the people who have chosen to serve, and we need to make sure that they are taken care of. This might be a challenge, however, we can do this if we try. Our Veterans come back home with Shell Shock (PTSD) and we're not properly caring for this situation. You can't just give a Veteran medicine and counseling and expect them to overcome their situation without a proper set of protocols and procedures. I am a PTSD survivor, I've dealt with post–traumatic stress for the greater majority of my life, and I know what it's like trying to heal a severe case of Shell Shock. Supporting me for President is supporting real solutions towards the Veterans Affairs situation at hand. Together we will bring accountability to US Veterans Affairs and the much needed healing to our military of the past.


Climate Change is everywhere you look. Sitting inside a home is one of the biggest climate changers ever. You've also got cars driving around and generating a bunch of heat. This creates hyper–exhaustion. We will have a small team of scientists finally look into this and tell us what they know. After hearing them out and considering our options, we'll finally be able to have the big Global Warming talk. Did you know there's free energy that's easily generated with magnets? While we're hyper-focused on progressively changing the way we live, we can also look into ultimately converting everything we own into free energy, and at the same time– be able to cut down on emissions and other types of toxins emitted into the air we breathe. We can finally cut the cords and quit having to plug things in. Imagine never having to recharge your phone ever again.


I do not have the time to go over what congressmen and women are being paid these days. If I did, it would make you upset. However, I will just say that they're making a lot more than some of us combined. The thought of them even demanding more money is sickening. We are reducing congress wages because congress has not proven itself worthy of a pay raise without doing the work it takes to earn the right to that high of a salary. If you want to get smart about it, they should only work for bonuses that are earned from legitimately boosting our economy. You would see accountability held from people who are rightfully earning their shares. However, this is neither here nor there. The whole idea of this is to reduce the size of congress and state departments to be able to pay the people who actually do their jobs more. Picture this like a company–layoff in order to save the business and keep profits afloat.


We must reduce the size of government employees and politicians. People we need more of are DMV employees, Police, Fire & Rescue, Nurses and Doctors. We need less congress, less employees in State Departments. We need less government overall, and we must focus on our choices being in our own hands again. We must speak out so our voices are heard. We have the right to have more votes pass down to us as a people instead of giving all our decisions and laws to congress to come up with. We should be crowdsourcing ideas via apps and through text. The technology exists to make this place a more functional society, and keep congress out of our banking.


Taxation at a flat rate can cause unfair trade which could become used as a tyranny to those whom have not made it out of their lowered income bracket. Larger brackets for larger income earners is fair, however, taxation is theft. With adjustments to regulations that keep us afloat, we're going to have to abolish the IRS so that they're no longer encroaching on our legal rights by allowing others to publicly post our debts that can harm a person's reputation. With a more private approach to fair credit reporting, you can expect your debt to remain your business. Going through the motions with debt and the IRS, anyone with debt can clearly agree that your expenses should be your business, and the IRS does not belong in our transactions.


This will aid in the safety and integrity of our people by providing more prompt decision making and actions taken in order to reduce the waiting time to be heard by a court. In this day and age, waiting 120 days for a speedy and fair trial is not so speedy, nor fair. Imagine not having to wait in jail for weeks in order to reach a decision in court over whether you're found guilty or not (especially when you know that you're not guilty). What if court wasn't so difficult to navigate? What if you could get a list of frequently asked questions easily answered? What if court came with a quick and easy how to guide? Wouldn't that be awesome? What if your rights were as easy as written on the wall, or at your fingertips any time you needed? Think even better than that. With your help, anything is possible.


Trafficking will come to a complete halt, traffickers will become convicted to the fullest extent of the law, and other means of income will be promoted in order to reduce the need for human trafficking as a source of income. This also includes maximum convictions for extortion, which has played its part in making sure that human trafficking has become a mainstay. Trafficking will be combatted and traffickers will be held accountable for their extortion and slave trade. High trafficking areas are already on watch and ready to be enacted upon. To reap the biggest benefit in this battle we face, we are going to bring home our deployed soldiers and put forth corrective measures by using a state of national emergency, if need be. I have no tolerance for the abuse of other human beings and this will not go down in our country this way for any longer. Nobody should grow up being trafficked, no one should be kidnapped for tafficking purposes, and no one should be injected with drugs without their explicit consent. Supporting Chance for President is supporting a war on Trafficking to the fullest in order to keep the people of our world safe.

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