Military, Law Enforcement, Nursing, Federal Employees, Non-Federal Employees and Athletes should have the right to consume cannabis. Alcoholism & driving are dangerous, and too many people are losing their lives over this. You do not have the same outcome from consuming cannabis. We've all been in agreement for a long time about how safe and healing cannabis is. Hemp is a mainstay and the many benefits it has for PTSD & Epilepsy are outstanding. Cannabis is already being accepted for the healing benefits and recreational use in several states over. Can we just federally legalize this and not only boost the economy and educational funding nationwide but also to release those who've been jailed over cannabis as well?


We The People need to respect those who have chosen to serve, and we also need to make sure that they are taken care of. Our Veterans come back home with Shell Shock (PTSD) and we're not doing our part of properly caring for this situation. Accountability within US Veterans Affairs is much needed. Veterans need to be able to hold VA Staff accountable for misconduct. Focusing on healing our beloved military of the past is critical to the backbone of our nation, and that is why We The People need to come together and figure this situation out. We need to fix the VA once and for all!


The suggestion here is that terms limits should apply to all those that hold a position within both state and federal offices. There must be checks and balances that are met in which one should be operating at an expected performance level, but in order to keep them all accounted for, draconian term limits should apply. Federal and State corruption comes from within, and to best prevent that is to set strict term–limits for every member of the political–realm. There will be a much needed update to term–limits making We The People much safer from any underhanded political tyranny.


We The People are reducing congress wages because congress has not proven itself worthy of a pay raise without doing the work that it takes to earn the right to the luxury of that lavishly high of a salary. The whole idea of this is to reduce the size of congress and state departments to be able to pay the people who actually do their jobs even more. Picture this like a company–layoff in order to save the business and keep profits afloat. Congress wages being so high are only enabling bad behavior, apathy and even lethargy.


We The People must reduce the size of government employees and politicians. The people we need more of are DMV employees, Police, Fire & Rescue, Nurses and Doctors. We need less congress, less employees in State Departments. We need less government overall, and we must focus on our life's choices being in our own hands again. We must speak out so our voices are heard. We have the right to have more votes passed down to us as a people instead of giving all our decisions and laws to congress to draft. We should be crowdsourcing ideas via apps and through text based services.


Taxation is theft. We The People must be in agreement to abolish the IRS so that they're no longer encroaching on our legal rights. The IRS does not belong in our transactions. Quit taxing everything. Taxes are already through the roof and they keep growing. Quit taxing us. Everywhere we look, there's too much tax and not enough education. Something's not right and that definitely doesn't add up. Quit taxing. No more strange and enflaming taxes on everything we buy. No more taxes cut out of our paychecks. Quit taxing us. Please.


Court is so archaic. That's a major drag. Jails and prisons aren't any nicer. Waiting 120 days for a speedy and fair trial is not so speedy, nor fair. Imagine not having to wait in jail for weeks in order to reach a decision in court over whether you're found guilty or not (especially when you know that you're not guilty). Fathom the possibility of having an appeal heard by a separate and opposing party right away. What if court wasn't so difficult to deal with? What if you could get a list of frequently asked questions easily answered, or have similar cases that have been ruled on presented to you so that you can properly represent yourself wihout the help of a pricey and lackadaisical, or otherwise corrupted attorney? What if court came with a quick and easy how–to guide? Wouldn't that be awesome? What if there were optional quizzes that helped you to understand your specific situation before you had decisions made over your life? What if your rights were at your fingertips any time you needed? We can live in a world where you could easily submit your documents to the court, but some courts won't allow that. We need to upgrade the system to allow electronic document submissions. We shouldn't have to show up in court for certain cases to have decisions be made on your behalf when you just paid for a lawyer to repesent you. Do you agree?


Domestic violence rates are through the roof. Education could teach us to avoid violence within the home. Violence is not cool. People get hurt and families can easily become broken up over DV calls to the police. Only then do you, as parents, get this needed education. Consider this the pamphlet on parenting you never got that each and every hospital should have given you when you give birth. You're going to need to know how to not only raise a baby, but also to be able to recognize and avoid potentially hostile environments. We should be trained in domestic violence prevention so that way we can stop it before it happens, instead of it being when it's already too late.


Dads have rights too. No parent should be alienated just for the selfish sake of a neglectful and abusive parent. Some parents use their kids as a weapon, the police get involved, the law gets manipulated, the system gets taken advantage of, and good people get lied to. Parenting is not one sided, and neither is the act of making a baby. Co-parenting is not necessary, because you shouldn't be forced to face your abuser. No judge, nor entity, reserves the right to force you to work with an insubordinate individual. Too many good dads are being viciously abused, grossly neglected and taken advantage of. The only way to flatline the situation is to outlaw the act of parental alienation unless putting the child with a certain parent is an immediate danger to the child's life. Thorough investigations by several different sources into the parental units and well-being of the child should be made before any rash life-altering decisions are made over the family's fate.


Wouldn't we all just like a Government that delivers? A Government that listens? Our Nation's assets are all placed in all the wrong places. The checks and balances are almost nonexistent at this point. Your Challenge for the Day: Ask an Indigenous what they want out of a President, the replies are astounding. What you'll soon learn is that there is still a huge void between the gen–pop Indigenous' trust and the US Government. You'll hear Indigenous say that they often feel that they can't rely on the Government for just about anything that they can think of. We The People must settle our disputes with the Indigenous tribes.

 Chance demonstrates atypical thinking on the regular. He has strong ethical values, and an unshakable moral character. He's earned my utmost confidence. Vote for Chance in this coming 2020 election! 

Toby Dziubala




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